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Selling your Business? 5 Issues To Weigh During Election Season

With every debate and stumping speech, it’s important to home in on the following issues that could make a difference in the merger and acquisition landscape.


In Latest M&A Trend, 'Family' Matters

As long as there is a lot of capital out there, low interest rates and a relatively decent economy where you can get good ad rates, that will propel the dealmaking forward.


5 Blind Spots That Can Make it Hard to Sell Your Business

Check these 5 blind spots that could make it tough to sell when a deal comes your way.


FourSight: Q2 in the Rear View

FourSight is a regular series of market updates to help business owners — and their attorneys, bankers or wealth managers — better understand what’s happening in the world of mergers and acquisitions.


Beware the Right of First Refusal

Think twice about a right of first refusal if you plan to sell your company – or if there’s a chance you might do so in the future.


FourSight: Have We Peaked?

Valuations reached record heights last year. Whether these numbers represent a peak in the seller’s market — or a trend that will continue — remains to be seen.


6 Ways to Get Your Business in Shape

Mental and operational preparations are key to taking advantage of what opportunities may lie ahead. To start, work through this checklist.


FourSight: Long Live the Seller's Market

As we’re nearing the end of 2017, reports are rolling in for the third quarter. The big picture, once again: our seller’s market persists.


Warning Signs: Is Your Commercial Client Selling the Business?

Your longest-lasting and most loyal banking clients may leave you, and it has nothing to do with your performance. You guessed it – they’re selling their businesses.


The Data has Spoken: The Southeast is a Seller's Market

Dust from the recession has settled and an estimated $400 billion in private equity funds alone are chasing down businesses to buy or invest in.


Telling Your Business’s Story Through Financial Projections

Building a credible ‘story’ is an essential tool for selling or seeking investment funds, and also helps you make quantifiable decisions about your business.


How To Stay In Your Business After You Sell

Some entrepreneurs launch a business to bring their talents to bare, to achieve their dream of serving a specific type of client in a specific way, never considering selling their business, but many are acutely aware that their business may someday be worth selling.

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