Business Valuation

What's your business worth?

A business valuation gives you confidence to make more informed decisions.

Whether you need a formal valuation for tax purposes or estate planning, a valuation can be helpful for setting strategic growth objectives or developing succession plans.


Valuation Types

Asset-Based Valuation – based on the value of the business’ assets and liabilities.

Income-Based Valuation – Using the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Method, the expected future income of a business is projected for a discrete period (typically five years). The expected future income is then discounted back to present value using a present value discount rate. 

Market-Based Valuation – Compare your business value either to similar public companies or private companies that have been acquired to determine the appropriate pricing multiple.


Estate Planning

A formal valuation provides the critical financial information needed to plan properly for the orderly transfer of a privately-held business while minimizing tax burdens and ensuring fair distribution among heirs.