A flour milling


Thanks to an outside-the-box strategy, we helped Milner Milling/ Pendleton Flour Mills beat out other buyers to acquire Cereal Food Processors. Together, they formed Grain Craft, the third-largest milling company in the U.S.

A chain of physical therapy clinics

North River PT

What happens when you want to sell your business, grow your business, and stay in your business—all at the same time? We helped NRPT achieve those goals when they sold to ATI Physical Therapy, a portfolio company of KRG Capital.

A fuel tank manufacturer


When you're ready to retire, you're ready to retire—whether or not you have a succession plan in place. We helped INCA transition ownership, and maximize value, in its sale to SeaStar Solutions, a portfolio company of H.I.G. Capital.

Current Engagements

Interior Fixtures Manufacturer
Fast Casual Restaurant Chain
Machined Parts Company

Global Logistics Company
Healthcare Services
Wireless Technology Company

Power Plant Maintenance Company
Large Format Fitness Club Chain
Building Supplies Distributor

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